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Recapitulate is...

An intentionally intellectual service to the body of Christ

An avenue that defends classical Christianity

An invitation to non-believers to re-look at the merits of Christianity

A theological method rooted in Irenaeus's writings in the second century

A place to love reason and reasoning as the gift of God to humanity

Recapitulate Defined: Recapitulate means to "restate the argument." This service seeks to restate and at times reformulate the arguments and beliefs of theism and classical Christianity. 

Recapitulation as a Theology and Theological Method: In the second century, Irenaeus saw in early humanity the need for progress. That the fall may have damaged the image/likeness of God in human creatures, but those creatures always would have needed to grow and develop and mature either way. God, having known all of this through through foreknowledge, also knew that this condition of development was required under the auspices of his good goals for creation (love, free-will, learning, natural laws, and more). Therefore, God always planned to send Christ to unite human nature with divine nature. It is in Jesus Christ, where the regular capitulation of human beings has been recapitulated (re-stated), in a way that overcame the sins of all human beings. This view of redemption holds the whole of the Bible's revelation as a progression to the full maturity of Christ.

The implication of this teaching is several fold. In the first, we should see that Jesus Christ was always Plan A. He was not Plan B. Instead of having coming to this world as a backup because the first humans messed up, Jesus Christ incarnates as the original plan of God. Moreover, the implications of an Irenaeus like theology are a direct challenge to much theology that speaks of Adam and Even as being perfect (albeit a perfect view is allowed in classical Christianity). This method sees that even any original creation, given it being human, would be in need of maturing and perfecting. Moreover, that God always planned to do this through the progressive revelation of himself, most fully in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  

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